Speak Up, I can't hear you.


I’m not a writer.

I am a small town girl from no where special. Most people have never heard of my town, even those who live in the city an hour north or south have not heard of it. But, I have a voice. One that, once I stopped hiding and accepted who I was, became one of inspiration in ways I never dreamed possible.


You have a voice.

I know you do. It’s a pretty amazing one too, but no one is hearing it. Why? I’d bet that it’s because of fear. You’re fearing what others might think of your story. That what you have lived through isn’t worth telling. The struggles, the dark secrets that are hiding in the corners, who will want to hear about your story, your life. It’s not anything special. It has no epic love story or great triumph that was overcome. I know, I felt that way once as well. 

Fear is a crippling epidemic that grabs hold and fights to never let go. Two simple words have the power to break free from the grasp of fear. “What if”. What if your story was exactly what the little girl next door needed to hear. That her dreams mattered and that she has the power to take charge of her own life. To make it everything she’s ever dreamed it to be. She is worth it.

That voice of greatness that is inside you just waiting to get out. Give into it and embrace the greatness within you. You can’t know the ways in which your story will impact the lives of those who hear it. Your brand is your story. Your life experiences is your brand. How others resonate with your voice will ultimately become a loudspeaker to your audience. Embrace your brand and let your voice be heard. Let your light shine brightly my friend!

I want to see it and cheer you on!