Felling burnt out? My girl Charlese has a solution.


Are you burnt out?

Do you want to grow your business?

Do you need help and don’t know how to get it or where to start?

The entire success of an entrepreneur depends on mindset. And one has to be willing to change that mindset when it’s time.

One huge shift that I needed to make when I opened my salon in 2011 was to delegate and to this day it’s the advice I give most to any friend or fellow business woman seeking my advice. When I was working on building my salon, I first only sought help to write my business plan. I had been running my successful hairstyling business for years, but I had never written one before. I didn’t even know what a business plan was!

So I googled “small business help”

and found a free resource in my county for women in business. I was assigned a very talented woman, a business consultant, author and coach who taught me how to make up my own plan and then she told me she was going to teach me the most important thing she knows about business. She took out a piece of paper and drew a vertical line down the center, creating two columns. She then told me on the right side to write down all the tasks, large and small I need to do to start and keep my business running. Then she told me to circle the ones that I really liked doing and transfer the rest to the left column. The left column was then given a title “delegate” and my most important task for my business was to find people or apps to delegate these things to.

Let me tell you, it was the first time I ever realized I didn’t have to do it all. It’s my business and I can do what I want to! I found a bookkeeper and a towel service, a cleaning person and a CPA. I was even able to trade work with some of these amazing lifesavers, the rest went into my budget and as the business grew, the list of assistants grew along with my budget. This freed up mental space to focus on my clientele and left time to travel, donate my time to volunteer and have happy hour with friends! I even applied this to my personal life.

Now that I have retired from beauty and become a Virtual Business Assistant, the same rules apply in this career. Delegating as much as possible allows me to have fun and put the personal touches on my business that make me happy when helping my clients. And I am planning a trip for myself to Australia and New Zealand in November! As a Virtual Assistant, my job is to take the tasks entrepreneurs have delegated to me: email replies, customer service, design projects, organization, travel and event planning and more! 

Yes, it’s true… this term “Virtual Assistant” can apply to lots of digital nomads with many similar and different zones of genius.

Take the time to interview and find the right fit for you. Some of us specialize in tech, creative, large or small business tasks. But the best ones? Become an integral part of your team, improve you and your company with their amazing attitude and determination and they make a real difference to your confidence which all in all helps you and your business the opportunity for quicker growth!

The best part is this doesn’t have to cost your entire budget. You can parcel projects out when needed, trade your skills for work and a very good VA doesn’t just handle your projects… they can proactively anticipate your needs. A stellar VA will inevitably help your business and income increase along with your peace of mind. This is a mindset worth adopting and and investment you deserve. What would you like to delegate to a Virtual Assistant? I suggest making the two column list for yourself and gift yourself with freedom, in fact I can send you a free template to help make these decisions and start looking at how to delegate today!