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To say I am excited to introduce my FIRST EVER guest blogger is a major understatement. Not only is she adorable in person, but she has such amazing insights into life and business. Friends, I’m not going to prolong the introduction, I just can’t hold back the amazingness that Laura has brought us any longer.

So …. Let’s dive in!

How to

Let Yourself and Your Business Fly!

Hey there Friend!

I’m so honored to be a guest blogger for Alisha and ALICOLE – My name is Laura Hinton with Lifestyled You Coaching and I help women like you eliminate the mind-drama and roadblocks that stand in the way of creating their dream lives!

Let’s get started ~

When it comes to finding the confidence, trust and belief required to start a business, there is a TON of mind-drama that loves to jump in our way and become a major roadblock when it comes to taking the action to make our business dreams a reality. Trust me, I’ve had my share along my journey. We have all created stories in our minds that bring up doubt in ourselves and our ability to make it all happen. 

“People like me don’t do things like this…”

“I’m not the type of person who knows how to be successful in business…”

“I don’t deserve to have a business or a life like what I’m imagining…”

All of these stories stem from fear. Fear is our brain’s way of keeping us safe. Our brain’s priority is to keep us in place, nice and cozy where we are. It doesn’t encourage us to enter into risky situations. While this is great for avoiding dark alleys where danger may be lurking, it certainly doesn’t aid us in making big, bold moves that could result in massive growth. 

The good news is, we have the power to overwrite our brain’s initial reactions and create new thoughts that will serve us in the way we need and allow us to create the results we desire. 

Most of us want to see the result – the PROOF that things will work in our favor – before we can feel that confidence, trust and belief. “When I’m a 6 Figure Boss Babe, then I will feel powerful, important, able, [insert whatever emotion here]. 

The trick though, is to start generating those feelings NOW. Before you’ve signed your first client, before you’ve made your first sale, before you’ve even registered that LLC. These feelings are going to ALLOW you to take the necessary actions in order to create those results you desire. 

Let’s take the example above of “I’m not the type of person who knows how to be successful in business…” Your first step is to remind yourself that this is a THOUGHT, not a fact, and having this thought is not serving you in your goal for what you want for yourself. It’s time to create a new belief that WILL serve you.

Start by ask yourself, “How is this NOT true?” Come up a list of all the ways this story doesn’t actually hold any weight. Maybe it’s that you have been successful in doing lots of things in the past – traveling through a foreign country, raising a child, graduating school – and the skills you possess to do those things are the exact skills you’ll need to succeed in business too. Find the evidence to disprove this limiting belief.

Next, ask yourself, “What would I have to THINK in order to feel powerful, important, able, [insert whatever emotion here]”. Perhaps you could think, “All sorts of people are successful in business, some aren’t anything like me, but many are – therefore, I can be successful just like them.” Or maybe, “What I have to offer the world is amazing – people need this in their lives!”

Once you are able to change your thoughts to generate new feelings that propel you to take action, suddenly that roadblock disappears, and you can finally start getting those results and building the business of your dreams!  Learning mindset management as a tool to create a planned and purposeful relationship between your THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS, and RESULTS is how I help my clients transform their current life into the life they desire, whatever that looks like!

I’m going to leave you with one of my all-time favorite quotes which definitely applies when faced with fear or uncertainty about building a business: 

“There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?” 

― Erin Hanson

Thank you so much to Alisha for allowing me to share this with you all! If you are interested in learning more about me or my Life + Mindset Coaching Services, you can find me at

Happy Business Building – You’ve Got This!!!
- Laura

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